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North Devon EFT

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Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT)

EFT is a therapy that uses gentle tapping with the fingers on selected meridian points of the head, face, upper body and hands while simultaneously speaking particular phrases associated with negative feelings and emotions. Despite its simplicity, EFT can be successful in helping to significantly reduce and release disruptive energy from within the physical body and the emotional mind.

These meridian points are part of a complex network of energy channels long recognised by Chinese acupuncture. However, the difference with EFT is that we tap on some of the key points using the fingers rather than using needles. The technique helps enable an energetic shift in the emotions to occur that allows the client to feel better as the negative charge previously associated with emotional events is lowered and replaced with positive beneficial feelings. EFT is not associated with any belief system you may or may not have…… It works anyway. The chart below indicates the tapping points used.

EFT can be used to resolve many emotional issues including deeply embedded past trauma, to motivate, and help to bring about positive, long lasting and often permanent change to the recipient. It is becoming more and more widely accepted throughout the world among healthcare professionals, sports people, in commerce, in the military (PTSD) amongst many other areas too.

Matrix Re-imprinting (MR) is an extension of EFT that is also used to remove associated emotional content from trauma & memories from both the recent and distant past including pre-conscious memory from birth to 6 years. You may be more consciously aware of recent traumas and upsets as they are fresher in the memory but long term trauma is held in our energy field (Matrix) of the deeper sub-conscious mind. The knock-on effects of these longer term events affect our perceptions of ourselves and the world around us in our every day life. Using EFT & Matrix re-imprinting doesn't erase any memory but allows you to re-frame the memory enabling freedom from the disruptive negative emotions previously attached to that memory.

 By releasing negative emotions you allow new positive thought pathways to open up without being then being constrained by previous events. Matrix Re-imprinting is relatively new but already it is recognised as an incredibly profound & powerful extension to EFT. Developed by Karl Dawson, this is a simple yet fascinating area of resolving human emotional conditions and the results really do speak for themselves.

Your sessions can be either be carried out on a one to one basis in either of my clinics or you can  book a 90 minute skype video session which can take place from anywhere in the world with a decent broadband connection. Skype sessions need to be pre-paid and you can make your payment and find all other related details for booking by clicking on the fees page found at the top of this page. Please allow for any  time zone differences if you wish to book a skype session with me.

Paul Holder




Demonstration of EFT & MR to resolve life-long phobia

BBC Midlands reporting  on NHS EFT trial

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